Wi-Fi Boost (without cables)
Wi-Fi Boost (without cables)

Old WiFi Speed on the customer’s PC in their office.

Wi-Fi Speed 11Mbps

Wi-Fi Speed 11Mbps

  • Unstable (jumping other temporary Wi-Fi Hosts)
  • Slow (weak signal)
  • dropouts (caused by interference)

New Wi-Fi Access Point (AP) install and configured.

BB Speed 36mbps

Wi-Fi BB Speed 36mbps

  • TMS Obtained more than a 3 fold increase in Download speed (11 to 36 Mbps)
  • WI-Fi dead spots covered
  • WiFi Printing unaffected
  • Cat 5 ports now available in the new extension.
  • Unaffected by 4 thick stone walls
  • New Wi-Fi is stable

Customer was suffering from a weak Wi-Fi signal at their office on the far side of a large period property with very thick stone walls. The obvious solution would have been to install cat5/6 cable to a new Access Point (AP) but this was not an acceptable or cost effective solution.

TMS was able to configure a network system that reused some existing non-network wiring and create a new AP and switch in the new extension. The solution produced a quick, clean and reliable network solution that meet all the requirements, including retaining the wireless printing across the network to the old part of the house.