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Structured Wiring Project

Structured Wiring Project

Below are a few examples of viewable systems Tech My Space have installed, repaired or maintained.  Due to the nature of the work undertaken it is often difficult to take interesting pictures on simple, bespoke or important yet mundane projects. Many of our on-going projects are not suitable for public viewing for many reasons including, covert security, privacy, location disclosure, operational details etc. For these reason some to the project pictures are blurred and some section removed i.e. number-plates, street names etc.

If you wish to discuss any of the sample projects or find out more about some of the specialised project we have undertaken, please feel free to contact us.

On big or complex projects, we usually discuss the requirements over the phone and depending on the options and complexities we may occasionally recommend the odd picture or additional details. At this point we can often give an estimate, which gives a ball park figure to assess the feasibility of the work required.

The next stage is a visit site and this is the only real way to fully understand the project’s requirements, our local quotes are usual free and may uncover potential simplification by integrating existing wiring or current systems.

We offer Out-of-Hours or where required weekend installations, where it is not viable for the works to undertaken during normal business hours and access is available out-of-hours. This could be for reasons of safety due to public access, uninterruptable communications or production is in progress.  There are many factors that affect the cost, we can only discuss them when the requirements are fully understood. Whatever the real world situation we have a solution, just give us a call and we can discuss an effective solution to your unique requirements.

Surround Sound connect for  customer that had bought a 5.1 surround system but was not sure how to connect it or how to mount the speakers. [...]

UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply fitted to Broadband Router to allow the internet connection to continue in the event of a power outage. The customer placed a [...]

Tech My Space has the skills to "Track and Trace Cables" and identify obsolete cables. We have done many jobs to declutter both residential and commercial [...]

We are often asked if we "Wall Mount TV's" so here are few examples of TV's we have worked on. There are many things to consider: [...]

Remote WiFi Boost with HardWired Network, installed in new extension where the WiFi was unstable. TMS was able to get high speed broadband without cable to [...]

This job required providing a network connect to a smart TV in the new kitchen/dining room. This allowed fast access to Online streaming like BBC IPlayer [...]

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