CCTV, Alarm Systems, Access

We are happy to offer a wide range of security products but with the added benefits of system integration. Tech My Space can modify standard equipment to the meet job specifications and exceed the customer requirements whilst reducing overall costs.  By combining systems at the point of installation we can reduce the installation time, share cable runs and link data and power supplies. There are three main systems; Alarms, CCTV and Access control:

Home & Business Security Products

CCTV, Security Alarms & Door Access products. Sales & Installations in Stockport, Manchester & Cheshire.


We use many different types of systems depending on many factors and the customer’s requirements. We have the ability to make systems flexible and work in conjunction with other systems like security lighting and alarms. We offer remote viewing over the web, often accessed using a smart phone, tablet or PC. The images can also be recorded on or off site if the connection is suitable.

CCTV cameras are already used extensively throughout Stockport, Manchester & Cheshire to combat problem areas, installing CCTV in your home or business makes a lot of sense and peace of mind.


Our experience enables us to quickly and accurately assess your security needs and produce a written quotation.

  • Communication: Wireless, Wi-Fi, Coax, Cat 5e/6.
  • Lens: Wide, narrow, fish eye and zoom both manual and powered
  • Location: Internal or external
  • Resolution: Low, high and HD, 720p 1080p
  • Technology: QCIF, CIF, D1, H960, AHD, TVI & CVI, HD720p, HD1080p, 0.3-5mp
  • Features: Vandal proof or hidden, Wipers, Heaters, on-board recording
  • Audio: Option to record sound (environment specific)
  • Motion: Pan and tilt, speed, self-patrolling, set points
  • Environment: Temperature, humidity, explosive, Underwater, Vibration
  • Data: Analogue, hybrid and Digital
  • Visibility: Highly visible, discrete, covert
  • Night Vision: Infra-red (IR) or LED lighting

CCTV – Camera Options


  • 1.2mm lens = 185 degrees.
  • 1.7mm lens = 170 degrees.
  • 2.1mm lens = 158 degrees.
  • 2.5mm lens = 147 degrees.
  • 2.8mm lens = 130 degrees. – Zoom often 2.8-12
  • 3.0mm lens = 127 degrees.
  • 3.6mm lens = 92 degrees. – Common
  • 4.0mm lens = 88 degrees. – Common
  • 6.0mm lens = 78 degrees.
  • 8.0mm lens = 58 degrees.
  • 12 mm lens = 28 degrees. – Common
  • 16 mm lens = 19 degrees.
  • 25 mm lens = 13 degrees.
  • 50 mm lens = 8 degrees.

Access Control Systems

We offer a wide range of Access Control Systems; the final system deployed will depends on many factors. In order to ascertain the correct system it is very important to fully understand the reasons and requirements of the system. As a minimum the final method of access will take into account the number and size of:

  • Users.
  • Doors.
  • Area.
  • Security.
  • Cost.

It is at this point, it is important for us to visit the site, as this will allow the type and method of installation to be discussed. The following options are discussed in terms of pros and cons:

  • Sizes: 1 to 10,000 doors, Up to 1000 users, Groups.
  • Method: Tag, Photo ID cards, Pins, Proximity Cards, Contactless, Smart Cards, Biometrics, Fingerprint, Visual, Audio.
  • Systems: Stand-alone, Web Hosted, Cloud.
  • Integration: CCTV, Alarm, Vending and photocopying machines.
  • Features: Managed reporting, event logging, access log, PSU backup power.
  • Communication: PSTN, Ethernet, GSM, GPRS, PoE, Wireless, Wired.
  • Additional Equipment:  Locks, Tags, Cards, readers, PVC Printers, access terminal, cameras, microphones.

The final system design is only finalised when the potential of additional features have been considered. These can quickly and cheaply add value to the system. As an access system is part of a security system it can easily be used to automatically report and often record many of these additional conditions:-

  • Temperature: under and over set point; fridges ovens, offices.
  • Fire: Smoke, temperature; Control access to escape routes and exits.
  • Carbon Monoxide: Dangerous conditions; possible fire or badly burning gas.
  • Flood: Water leaks, external ingress; protect personnel, visitors, stock, and premises.
  • Sensors: Glass breakage, vibration, pressure, movement, humidity, shock.
  • Door Opening: Secure area, illegal access, smoke control.
  • Audio: Personnel control, communication, verification, false alarm.
  • Video: Conformation, recording, security, prosecution.