Phone Lines, Broadband & Network Installations

We are experts in all aspects of phone and phone lines, line fault diagnosis, broadband setup and optimisation, network planning and installation, and WiFi setup and fault correction.

Fully functioning phone lines and astable broadband service along with strong WiFi are critical to many people working from home and small business operations, as today’s world relies on solid communications and connectivity. If you are having issues with your phone line, broadband or WiFi, we can help – Call Today.

In some applications, hard-wired IT networks are still advisable over WiFi and we can assist with all aspects of network planning, upgrade, fault fixing, full installation and testing. See below for a description of the many services we provide to keep your communications in prime condition.

TMS provides a comprehensive skill set to cover all aspects of networks from single routers to server rooms. The many uses of networks vary greatly and can help, hinder or prevent:-

  • Software sharing:Software licenses and user files
  • Hardware sharing:Printers, NAS, internet
  • Security:Blocking sites, remote access and setup
  • Backups:To other PCs or Network Access Storage (NAS)
  • Communication:Email, Access to voice and video calls
  • Social:Facebook, Twitter, Bebo, Flickr, MySpace, Tumbler, Google+
  • Access control:Grant, refuse or Limit user access
  • Personalise:Setting can be configured like SSID and WiFi Key

Usually the best possible access is required but there are occasions when full access maybe not be welcome.

This could be to prevent access to offensive images, secure information or to restrict workers access to social media. All these thing can be adjusted with the correct setup, often with the existing equipment.

Services Undertaken

Extensions – TechMySpace offers a complete solution for all your communication requirements from simple extensions and advice to large scale data networks.

Faults – When Phone lines are faulty, it will affect the BB that is carried on the line. We know that these problems can affect many devices and people. These include computers, VoIP, the internet, CCTV, alarms, from home work to online conferencing.

Line Reductions – Many business can save £185 every year per line by reducing the number of line rental; this can be achieved in many ways and without effecting the customer.

Charges – When these problems strike, there is often a delay in the big brands getting to the cause and often threats of very high charges if the problem is found to be internal.