PC RAM Upgrade
PC RAM Upgrade

Quick PC Upgrade by boosting RAM

A customer’s PC was running slow, after a quick chat we found that a recent Windows upgrade had left the PC with very little working memory (RAM). This was confirmed by the increased Hard Disk Drive (HDD) read and write operations and in the config settings. The solution was to simply increase the RAM (Random Access Memory) by adding a new stick into the old Desktop, giving it a quick and cheap new lease of life.

With the new RAM installed, the customer immediately noticed a much better user experience with massively required wait times and a more fluid feel. This solution was a fraction of the cost of purchasing and setting up a new PC.

The increased performance highlighted another bottleneck in the system. The database was held on a single PC and with many read and writes required via the network the standard router and switch was slowing the network traffic. The solution was to add a smart managed Gigabit switch to the network, removing the bottleneck and greatly increasing the overall network performance.


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