Donkey Birth Caught on CCTV

Pony IPC

Pony IPC

TechMySpace was asked to move a previously installed CCTV System to a remote stable to monitor a heavily pregnant Donkey. The 3MP was temporarily relocated to the barn and 5 weeks later the birth was captured.


Back Ground CCTV

The footage is in black and white as the IP Camera’s Infra-Red (IR) was invisibly lighting the stable. To the human (and more importantly the donkey’s) eye the stable is in complete darkness, except for being occasionally lit by the owner’s mobile phone’s camera.

TechMySpace on YouTube

The video is slightly compromised by a cable to temporary Infra-Red heater that was installed in case the stable needed heating during the birth, crossing the camera’s field of vision. Due to the close proximity to the camera’s combined IR light and lens, means the black cable is over exposed and shows as white.

Donkey Cam CCTV

Donkey Cam CCTV


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